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  J. Chem. Phys. Cover

The communication "Gas-phase structural isomer identification by Coulomb explosion of aligned molecules" was featured in the 7 March 2018 issue of J. Chem. Phys. Read it here.

  Happy Holidays from JCP

Festive PImMS data has been turned into a Christmas card by JCP. See it here (PDF, 0.41 MB).

  FRS for Andrew Orr-Ewing

Andrew Orr-Ewing has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS). The Royal Society is the world's oldest scientific academy in continuous existence and fellows are drawn from all areas of science. Andrew joins Mike Ashfold and Richard Dixon as members of the Bristol group who have received this prestigious honour.

  The Inner Lives of Molecules

Research involving PImMS has been highlighted by AIP Publishing. Read the press release and article here.

  JCP Editor's pick

A recent paper published by the group has been chosen as the Editor's Pick by the Journal of Chemical Physics. The paper details stereodynamics in NO(X)+Ar collisions and can be found here .

  4th Fast Imaging Workshop Held In Oxford

Michael Burt (PDRA, Brouard Group) successfully hosted the fourth fast imaging workshop in Oxford bringing together many different groups who focus on development or applications of fast imaging.

  Welcome to Chris Hansen and Mitchell Quinn

The group welcomes three new members who have recently arrived in Bristol. Chris Hansen joins us from the University of Wollongong where he studied for his PhD with Adam Trevitt. Mitchell Quinn has come from the University of New South Wales where he carried out doctoral research with Scott Kable. Marta Duchi is an undergraduate student from the University of Perugia who joins us for 6 months as an ERASMUS visiting student.

  PCCP Cover

A recent perspective article on stereodynamics was selected as the cover art work for the journal Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. The article can be found online here.

  Rebecca Ingle chairs international Winterschool in computational chemistry

Rebecca Ingle has chaired several sessions of a 2016 winterschool inspired by the Virtual Conference for Computational Chemistry. The online winterschool, with invited lectures by international leaders, gives people unable to travel the opportunity to hear talks about cutting-edge research advances. The first online conference in 2015 had 250 participants from 50 countries, and the 2016 version attracted 650 registrations.

  Ashfold Paper on Time-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy Most read of JCP 2015

An article authored by Mike Ashfold is featured in the 2015 most-read list of the Journal of Chemical Physics, a leading international journal published by the American Institute of Physics. Mike's article is "Excited state non-adiabatic dynamics of pyrrole: a time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy and quantum dynamics study.

  Scientific American features our research

Greg Dunning's Science paper on the dynamics of F atom reactions in acetonitrile solution (Science 347, 530-533 (2015)) has been featured by Scientific American in its 2015 World Changing Ideas package. The article is entitled "How to Watch a Chemical Reaction in Slow Motion" and can be found at the scientific American website.

  Best talk prize for PhD student Rebecca Ingle

Rebecca Ingle has won another best student talk award, this time at the 2015 International Conference on Molecular Energy Transfer in Complex Systems (iCOMET), held in Chengdu, China from 11-15 October 2015. Rebecca's talk, entitled "Towards and Understanding of Photoinduced Ring-Opening" reported the results and interpretation of recent ultrafast solution phase photochemical reaction dynamics experiments conducted with collaborator Dr Dan Murdock in Bristol.

  Our research appears on the cover of PCCP again!

Research by the Brouard group has appeared on the cover of PCCP. The article reviews progress in understanding stereodynamics and exciting new experiments that allow the steric preference of gas phase reactions to be determined.

  Mike Ashfold honoured at International Symposium on Molecular Beams

The biennial International Symposium on Molecular Beams (ISMB) traditionally honours one or more scientists judged to have made distinguished research contributions in the field. Mike Ashfold and Prof. Piergiorgio Casavecchia (Perugia) were so honoured at the 26th ISMB, held in Segovia, Spain in July 2015. Mike received his award at the Symposium from Chairs, Profs. Javier Aoiz and Luis Banares.

  PCCP chooses artwork for front cover

Barbara Marchetti's artwork on the front cover of the 7th July issue of PCCP highlights our combined experiment/theory studies of the UV photodissociation of thioanisoles, and how the fragmentation dynamics are influenced by ring substituents remote from the breaking S-CH3 bond.

  Mark Brouard to become chair of chemistry at Oxford

Mark Brouard has been elected the chair of chemistry at Oxford University.

PImMS is editor's choice in PRA

A recent article in Physical Review A was marked as the editor's choice, see the article here

Second Southern Universities Spectroscopy & Dynamics Group meeting held in Oxford

The second spectroscopy and dynamics group meeting organised with support of the RSC by Simon-John King and Brianna Heazlewood was held in Oxford. The meeting was attended by 66 delegates from 10 different institutions.

  RSC Awards Symposium in Birmingham

David Glowacki, Mike Ashfold and Andrew Orr-Ewing received their 2014 RSC awards at a special symposium held in Birmingham on 5th May. The awards were presented by Prof Helen Fielding who is a member of the RSC Council. David received the 2014 Harrison-Meldola Memorial Prize, Mike the 2014 Liversidge Award, and Andrew the 2014 Chemical Dynamics Award.

  Article in Science

A recent edition of Science contains a new report led by Greg Dunning, showcasing our continuing efforts to develop atomic-level descriptions of condensed-phase bimolecular reactions. Abstraction of a D atom from deuterated acetonitrile by an F atom, forming vibrationally excited DF, is only part of the story. Molecular dynamics simulations and time-resolved vibrational spectroscopy chronicle the initial hydrogen-bond formation and the solvent's accommodation of the product. Read more here.

  Best talk prize for PhD student Rebecca Ingle

Rebecca Ingle scooped the prize for the best student talk at the RSC Spectroscopy and Dynamics Group annual conference, held at the University of Nottingham from 6-8 January 2015. Rebecca's talk on "Photoinduced Ring-Opening in Thiophene Derivatives" described some of her recent work on photochemical dynamics in the gas and liquid phases.

  Innovate UK success for Knowledge Transfer Partnership

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between Photek Ltd., University of Bristol and KTP Fellow Dr Orla Kelly (the products from which are now branded as Velocitas VMI) was shortlisted for the KTP Best of the Best Awards 2014 under the category of overall Best UK Partnership.

  Students Organise Conference

Greg Dunning and Steph Harris, PhD students in the group, are organising this year's Southern Universities Spectroscopy and Dynamics Group Meeting. The event will be held on 24-25 July, right here in Bristol. The conference provides a great venue for students to give scientific talks to a friendly, engaged audience. Greg and Steph have secured a 2000 grant from the Royal Society of Chemistry to support the meeting.

  Andrew Orr-Ewing Wins 2014 Chemical Dynamics Award from RSC

Professor Andrew Orr-Ewing has been awarded the 2014 Chemical Dynamics Award from the Royal Society of Chemistry. The RSC presents the award to Andrew for his "seminal contributions to the study of chemical reaction dynamics in the gas and liquid phases.

  Mike Ashfold Wins 2014 Liversidge Award from RSC

Professor Mike Ashfold has been awarded the 2014 Liversidge Award from the Royal Society of Chemistry. The RSC presents the award to Mike for his "contributions to advancing understanding of molecular photodissociation dynamics."

  Mike Ashfold wins 2015 Herbert P. Broida Prize of the American Physical Society

The Herbert P. Broida Prize of the APS recognizes outstanding experimental advancements in the fields of atomic and molecular spectroscopy or chemical physics. Mike's citation reads "For his innovative work on molecular photodynamics, especially in combining multiwavelength experiments on small molecules, high quality electronic structure calculations, and physical organic chemistry concepts into a "bigger picture" for broad understanding of experimental photodynamics of systems of increasing complexity". Mike will receive his award at the APS March 2015 meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

  Innovate UK success for Knowledge Transfer Partnership

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between Photek Ltd., University of Bristol and KTP Fellow Dr Orla Kelly (the products from which are now branded as Velocitas VMI) was shortlisted for the KTP Best of the Best Awards 2014 under the category of overall Best UK Partnership.

  Poster prize at Stereodynamics 2014

Sean Gordon (Oxford) and Jolijn Onvlee (Nijmegen) won the poster prize for their collaboration exploring the differential cross sections in inelastic scattering

  Our new website is now online!

Please enjoy our new website which details activities by research groups at Oxford and Bristol universities, funded by a generous EPSRC programme grant EP/L005913/1.